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Outreach Statement

The UF Department of Astronomy is committed to astronomy education in our schools and community. Many of our faculty and graduate students regularly visit schools, host events, and work with local educators to make sure the excitement of astronomy is conveyed to school-age students and the general public. Our various activities include an annual astronomy event at the Florida Museum of Natural History called “Starry Night,” which generally attracts thousands of people from around the state. At this event, we offer activities such as planetarium shows, a 3-D AstroWall visualization tool, a 50 foot Cosmic Tunnel, telescopes outside, crater making, and the “ask an Astronomer” table. We also host public observing nights every Friday night here on campus (weather permitting). Lastly, we visit classrooms with our portable Starlab planetarium and other activities. Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about these activities or scheduling a visit to your school!