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The Astronomy Department hosts a number of regular events for our students, faculty, staff, and the general public.  Below is a list of reoccurring events, but we encourage interested people to check for specific upcoming events at the bottom of this page.

Recurring Academic Events

EventCoordinated byDateLocation
Astronomy ColloquiumZack SlepianThursdays
12:45 PM
BRT 217
arXiv CoffeeFaculty & PostdocsMon, Wed, Fri – 10:30 AMBRT 311
Coffee TimeGraduate Astronomy OrganizationMon, Tues, Thur, Fri – 2:30 PM
Wed – 3:00 PM
BRT 311
Physics ColloquiumDepartment of PhysicsThursdays
4:05 PM
NPB 1002
Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar (Physics)Laura Blecha, Department of PhysicsWednesdays
01:45 PM
NPB 2165

Recurring Public Events

EventCoordinated byDateLocation
Public NightsFrancisco ReyesFriday
8:30 PM
Campus Teaching Observatory
Starry NightNaibi MarinasAnnually; November 8, 2019Florida Museum of Natural History
Public School VisitsNaibi MarinasBy RequestSchools in the greater Gainesville area (and throughout Florida)


The UF Astronomy Department has a strong culture of community interaction and outreach.  In the past, members of our department have facilitated Camps (e.g., Women in Science and Engineering Girlz Camp, Summer Camps at the Florida Museum of Natural History, CPET Summer Quest Camp), conducted Teacher Training Workshops (e.g., Center for the Professional Education of Teachers and others like this one), hosted Boy and Girl Scout Events (e.g., Hosting groups at CTO, hosting a star gazing night, She’s a Scientist), participated in the Kennedy Space Center Star Party, and much more.  For information about our Department’s activities or to inquire about a outreach possibilities, please see our Outreach Page or contact us.