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About Our Programs

Undergraduate students interested in majoring in astronomy can consider either a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree. The former is designed for those who intend to further their education in graduate school. The latter is primarily designed for students who want to pursue careers in other fields such as journalism, law, finance, education or related fields with a solid science background. The Bachelor of Arts degree can be combined with the UFTeach program which prepares students for careers as educators and has been specifically designed to allow students to become certified for teaching science in the state of Florida based on four years of undergraduate education.

For undergraduate students not primarily interested in pursuing a major in astronomy, we have a variety of General Education courses as well as a Minor in Astronomy. These offerings provide a broad largely non-mathematical survey of the field of astronomy and its various sub-disciplines.

Our graduate curriculum is primarily centered around students interested in earning a PhD in astronomy. This is designed to prepare students for careers in astronomical research and teaching. Additionally, involvement in astronomical instrumentation projects has the potential to provide opportunities in astronomical technologies or the private sector. Our PhD recipients have moved on to postdoctoral fellowships and faculty positions all over the world, including the USA, Chile, Spain, Mexico, and the UK.