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Francisco Reyes

Picture of Francisco Reyes

Lecturer | Associate Scientist | Director of UF Teaching Observatories

Office: 12 Bryant Space Science Center
Phone: (352) 294–1885
Fax: (352) 392–5089

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Astronomy, University of Florida, 1989
  • M.Sc., Astronomy, University of Florida, 1981
  • B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, University of Chile, 1977

Areas of Specialty

Low frequency and planetary radio astronomy, Jupiter decametric radio emission, pulsar low frequency emission and studies, radio astronomical instrumentation, computer control of telescopes, astronomical instrumentation

Research Interests

Low frequency planetary radio astronomy. Jupiter decametric radio emission. Micro structure of Jupiter’s S burts. Jovian radio rotational period. Location of jovian decametric radio sources. Observation and studies of pulsar at low radio frequencies. Participated in the construction and testing of Mid IR intruments TReCS and Canaricam. Observation of transiting extrasolar planet. Astronomical education.


Associate Scientist in the Astronomy Dept. of University of Florida; Director of the UF Teaching Observatories (Campus Teaching Observatory and Rosemary Hill Observatory); Director of the Univ. of Florida Radio Observatory; I got my PhD in 1989 and Master degree in 1981 under the supervision of Professor Thomas D. Carr; Degree of Electrical Engineer (Ingeniero Civil Electricista) from Univ. of Chile in 1977.