AST 3722: Techniques of Observational Astronomy 1

Course Overview

AST 3722 focuses on the fundamental principles and techniques used in planning, making, reducing, and analyzing modern astronomical observations. The course includes classroom lectures and discussion, indoor laboratory work, data analysis, and outdoor night observations. The material covered provides an introduction to numerical treatment of observations, CCD imaging, digital image processing, and astronomical spectroscopy.

Preliminary Lecture Schedule (Subject to Change)

Week Lecture Topics

1 Basics of Observational Astronomy

   (Introduction,Coordinates and Time)

2 Basics of Observational Astronomy

   (Planning Observations)

3 Acquiring Astronomical Data

   (Planning Observations, Atmospheric Effects)

4 Acquiring Astronomical Data

   (Exposure Times & Filters)

5 Optics and Telescopes, Proposal Review

   (Acquiring Data)

6 Optics and Telescopes

   (Optics, Optics and Telescopes)

7 Optics and Telescopes

   (Optics and Telescopes)

8 Statistics, Analyzing Astronomical Data

9 Photometry, Detectors

   (Photometry, Detectors)

10 CCDs, Literature Searches

   (Detectors and CCDs)

11 Spectroscopy, Color Images

   (Color Images)

12 Presentations

13 Multiwavelength Astronomy, Lab Tour

14 Presentations

15 Presentations

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